In Cortona, the holiday apartments of Azienda Fontelunga are immersed in the beautiful Tuscan countryside, surrounded by green hills, near Val di Chiana and the main roads; villas and apartments has private garden, swimming pool and fully equipped kitchen for an amazing vacation.

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The villas and the apartments of Azienda Fontelunga has private garden, swimming pool and fully equipped kitchens, for a lovely vacation near Cortona marked by tuscan beautiful nature and gourmet trails.

Casa Fontelunga
 Casa Fontelunga is a lovely small farmhouse with a beautiful panoramic position on the hills in front of Cortona. We were not able to date this house exactly, we believe the oldest part was built in the second half of 1600 or earlier.

It has been renovated with the maximum respect of the original structure and it’s our best house for the special feeling you get at the first moment you walk into it. Every room show the care we had in preserving the original stile and material, giving the house a really special warm feeling and familiar look. You will feel like at home from the first step into the house.

The garden is divided on three levels and is surrounded from olive trees plantation. The view on the valley is poetry for your soul.  In the back of the house there is a small borough, few houses on the hills where you can walk around meeting some kind people.

Casa Fontelunga private swimming pool | This house has its own private swimming pool (10x5 m wide and 1,10 to 2,20 m depth) in a amazing panoramic location between olive trees. 

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Casa La Bozza
Casa la Bozza is an ancient farmhouse near Cortona probably built during 1700 in the country. It is a simple country house, once endured by farmers; despite its simplicity it’s comfortable and spacious.

La Bozza
Casa la Bozza is divided in two almost identical apartments, one on each floor, with the same features and each with a private garden, entrance and parking area. The upper one is: La Bozza. A beautiful apartment at the upper floor of an old farmhouse renovated in the inside. It is very comfortable and every window faces a different view of the valley and the village close by.

The large dimension makes this house good for a fairly large family or group of friends. It can be joined with Il Bozzino renting the entire villa. As usual we preserved as much as possible the original style, avoiding to add not consistent element with the traditional style of this simple farmhouse, to give an authentic mood and a warm welcome.

The large private garden (600 sqm) is adjacent to the pool which has its private entrance so as not to disturb your privacy.

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Il Bozzino
Il Bozzino is a large apartment at the ground floor of Casa la Bozza. The house is in a quiet and relaxing location, close enough to a grocery for daily shopping, close to Cortona and the main roads. The garden, the parking and the entrance are independent and has access to the shared swimming pool, so the entrance and parking are private. Living room and entrance face directly the garden.

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Il Moro Novo
Podere il Moro is a very old house near a village surrounded by countryside and ours growing. This house, as was common for country farmers houses, was built in many consecutive times, each time adding what was necessary to accommodate the growing family needs. The oldest part was probably built around half of 1500, this very nice apartment was made on a portion of the house il "Moro Novo".

Il Moro Novo is entirely at the ground floor, on the right side of the house. This portion of the house is 1 storey only so there is none else upstairs to make possible noises.

The location is very easy to reach and close to main communication roads. The house has a very large garden facing the countryside; a section of the garden is reserved for the apartment il Moro Novo. This house is the closest to our restaurant and a small but very good grocery is at walking distance.

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