Archery range

If you love outdoor activities you can take advantage of our bow shooting range, either using your equipment or using the one supplied by us.

We are great fans of archery and we will be happy to assist you in your first shots providing you with lessons reserved for beginners.

Those who want to bring their own equipment, will find an ideal field, 115 meters long and with distances of up to 90 meters, to try their hand at archery. Our targets are suitable for both curved and compound arches.

For those interested in renting all the necessary equipment, ie bow, arrows and quiver, these are our prices for two hours of sport and fun: € 10 for children and € 15 for adults. While for lessons the cost is € 20 per hour and is inclusive of all the equipment.

Archery Range | Agriturismo Fontelunga
Archery Range | Agriturismo Fontelunga