visit to one of the most beautiful villages in Tuscany

From the villas and holiday apartments of Agriturismo Fontelunga you will admire Cortona, the Etruscan village that rises upwards, a small town to be seen not once but several times, because at each visit you will discover some small treasure hidden in its ancient lanes.

Perched on a hill, 600 meters above sea level, with a splendid view over the whole Valdichiana, the ancient Etruscan city of Cortona dates back to 800 BC. C. It contains monuments and artistic treasures of great value preserved in its churches and museums, such as the Calcinaio church, designed in 1485 by Francesco di Giorgio Martini, or the church of Santa Margherita, the patron saint of Cortona.

Do not miss the Diocesan Museum, which houses works by Fra Angelico, Piero della Francesca and his pupil Luca Signorelli, originally from Cortona, and the rich Museum of the Etruscan Academy of Cortona (MAEC), where you will find many unique Etruscan artifacts in their kind. Among these: the famous Etruscan bronze chandelier and unique pieces from the Il Melone del Sodo and the Villa Romana dell'Ossaia tombs, which can also be visited.

But as we said, Cortona always amazes every time you visit and although little has so much to offer guests of our Agriturismo Fontelunga. From the Medicean Fortress of Girifalco to the Franciscan monastery founded in 1211 by St. Francis of Assisi, called Eremo delle Celle, there are various places not to be missed.

Cortona is also a lively town with delicious shops selling local produce, wines, handmade ceramics, textiles, antique furniture, art objects, designer clothes and jewelery. To delight visitors there are also many bars, restaurants and taverns that offer excellent local dishes accompanied by fine wines.

During the summer months the city organizes a series of open-air concerts, chamber music and classical reviews, theatrical productions, the Cortona On The Move international photography festival, as well as a series of entertainment events, food festivals and folklore events such as the Giostra dell'Archidado.

Agriturismo Fontelunga: villas and holiday apartments near Cortona Agriturismo Fontelunga: villas and holiday apartments near Cortona