Traditional Tuscan cooking classes

At the Agriturismo Fontelunga, in Cortona, if you want to have fun for a day as a chef, take part to the Tuscan cooking lessons of chef Donatella! Choose the cooking class that you like best among those proposed and learn how to prepare with fantasy regional Tuscan recipes, but also Umbrian, under the supervision of a professional cook who will teach you all the secrets of traditional Tuscan cuisine.

Everyone can participate and attend the pleasant lessons of Donatella, addressed both to beginners and those who already know how to cook but want to prepare together Tuscan dishes and then taste them with friends and relatives. Do not miss the special events dedicated to traditional Tuscan cuisine.

The Tuscan cooking classes generally last two hours (from 10.30 to 12.30 or from 18 to 20) and are followed by a tasting of the dishes prepared, accompanied by excellent local, Tuscan and Umbrian wines. A basic cooking lesson includes: two appetizers, a first course ( normally an hand made pasta), a second course ( meat) with side dish and a dessert. Price per person per lesson with tasting: starting from € 80.

The lessons and cooking classes at Agriturismo Fontelunga are held in collaboration with I Gustasapori, an association of gourmets.

Cooking lessons at the Agriturismo Fontelunga